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One day training for SMEs "Project development in Horizon 2020"


TECHIN in cooperation with INNOVA SPA (in TOP 10 of the last European FP7 Monitoring Report of private-for-profit SMEs with the highest numbers of participations in FP7 signed grant agreements during the period 2007-2011) has develop one day training couse for SMEs on how to develop an R&D project in HORIZON 2020. Warsaw, 16th December 2013

Flyer and programme

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Study visit organised by Foundation for the Development of the Education System


Jozefina Osowska, Project Manager of TECHIN, participated in the penultimate edition of the study visits organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System - National Agency of the "Lifelong Learning Programme".

TECHIN as coordinator of another Transfer of Innovation project


E-GREEN JOBS: Skills and competences improvement of workers employed in green sector with e-learning technology use

Time frame of the project: 24 months: 01/10/2013 - 30/09/2015.

Our partner company Innova SPA in TOP 10!


Innova SpA in TOP TEN in the recent 5th Monitoring Report of the European Commission.

Final MASTER Conference


MASTER project was presented during a conference organized by Polish Agency of Enterprise Development (PARP). Conference entitled: Technology Parks today and tomorrow. What is the result of the benchmarking of Technology Parks in Poland? (edition 2012)

Key Services


We organise workshops and trainings which enable participants to learn to prepare and submit a proposal within European Framework Programmes and to manage a project later on.

R&D International Projects

We assist companies and organizations in developing international research projects in the framework of European programmes.

Market and Technology Analyses

We analyze and define the best strategies for your business expansion into the Western European and US technical markets.

Technology Transfer

We ensure the transfer of knowledge and technology for development of your products and processes.

Services for Public Administration

We propose study visits in Italian institutions dedicated to the Management of European Funds, Inner City Revitalisation and Sustainable Transport.

On-going projects


Multichannel Adaptive System Training for micro, small and medium Enterprises

MASTER project will implement a distance learning adaptive and multichannel system (services and contents) for SMEs to support individual and organisational development (also in terms of creating new, innovative and ubiquitous learning opportunities), promote a systematic fit among competences need and labour market, sustain enterprises and network competitive advantage.

E-learning environment for disable learners

The eFESTO project aims at creating an innovative learning environment for deaf learners, which will enable them to develop vocational skills and increase their participation in the labor market. The main objective of the project is acquiring new skills in managing and using electrical and electronic apparatus in different application fields: biomedical, telecommunication, industry and sustainable environment.

Network of European Stakeholders for Enhance User Centricity in e-Governance

The project objectives are specifically related to the creation of working network aimed at producing an added value for both stakeholders and the Community by developing guidelines for the future Service for Users (S4U) in the e-Government field.
The idea is to provide assessed application scenarios capable of checking user needs, analyzing the best practices and, overall, to co-operate amongst each different actor’s profile in a cross-technical and methodological analysis.


Emerging communities for collective innovation: ICT Operational tool and supporting methodologies for SME Association

The Collective project aims at developing conditions for the creation of communities (bottom-up approach) supporting each phase of the innovation process, by providing SME associations with an ICT operational platform named iCOMMUNITY. It is a powerful instrument, the new AGORA for collective intelligence and emerging communities, able to facilitate the innovation process, to foster collaboration among SMEs and to trigger structured proactive actions.

Effort logo

EFFORT objective is to gain understanding of the behaviour, governance, sustainability and constituency drivers of dynamic cross-border and cross-regional clusters of SMEs to improve their ability to access the global market.

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Transfer East logo

TRANSFER EAST promotes the transfer of innovative Government-to- Business approaches/tools, successful practices, transferable cases to targeted NMS, including Poland. The objective is to accelerate the transition phase to information economy and society and improve the efficiency of the Public Administration.

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